10 things you are likely to see at a gentleman’s club

Regardless of whether you are regular at these establishments, or whether you are visiting one for the very first time, the likelihood is that you will be able to spot certain groups of people. We have put together a list of ten things that you are likely to see when you visit a gentleman’s club…


  • Stag Parties

stag party 1Stag parties are one of the most likely groups that you will see at a lap dancing or gentleman’s club. It is one of the most popular choices of destinations for a man’s last night of freedom before they get married.

  • Business men

business manAlthough it may not seem like the most obvious choice of destination to entertain clients, it is a fairly popular one. Many professionals will arrange informal meetings with their clients at a gentleman’s club, due to the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

  • Naked women

naked women 3Let’s be honest, one of the biggest appeals and a guarantee of the clubs is the fact that there will be naked women there. Gentleman’s clubs are the only chance that you will be able to relax with a drink, whilst watching beautiful, fully nude women dancing in front of you.

  • Friendly hosts

pole dancer 3The hosts are lap dancing and gentleman’s clubs are some of the most friendly and welcoming there are. They will make sure that you are settled within the club and bring you anything that you require. They are there to ensure that you have the night that you were hoping for.

  • A relaxed atmosphere

relaxed atmosphere 5One of the most appealing things about a gentleman’s club, unlike a lot of other establishments where there is alcohol involved, is the relaxed atmosphere. The high majority of punters who visit the clubs just want to relax after a hard day at work, and find this the perfect place.

  • The slightly awkward loner

lone man 6This is not a guaranteed; however, you may occasionally spot the gentleman who has perhaps visited the club by himself, and cannot quite relax once he is there. He will probably either feel a little intimidated in the surroundings, or simply just mesmerised.

  • The equally awkward females

women having drink 7Some females will completely settle into the atmosphere of the club and will be as relaxed as any other regular; however, you may get the odd selection that may have come along with their partner or a group of friends, and feel a bit awkward and unsettled once they are there.

  • Married men

Wedding rin 8One of the most likely groups of people that you will come across in gentleman’s clubs is married men. There is a huge taboo surrounding married men and lap dancing clubs, as many believe that it is disrespectable to their wives; but secretly or not, they will be there.

  • Younger men

group of young menThis group is different to the stag do. You are likely to see younger groups of men, who may have dressed up for the occasion, and want to have a good time. There will be no dares, and forfeits like a stag party, just lads who want to have a fun evening surrounded by beautiful women.

  • Shirts, ties and nice shoes

man in suitMany high-class gentlemen’s club will have some form of dress code, so expect to see a lot of smartly dressed men in these establishments. If you do not fit the dress code, you simply will not be allowed in, so it is best to check this prior to visiting.