Why married men visit gentleman’s clubs

It is not a hidden secret that lap dancing clubs and gentleman’s clubs are a popular choice of venue for stag do’s, but why is there such a taboo about married men visiting them? Many people believe that once you are married you can no longer step into a gentleman’s club without being disrespectful to your wife. But why do married men enjoy frequenting lap dancing clubs and gentleman’s clubs? And why is such a secret that they feel they cannot reveal to anyone without being judged?


pic1On the whole, gentleman’s clubs are becoming a lot more accepted now, and are no longer viewed as a seedy, back end club, where men visit to get cheap thrills. This is quite the contrary now – these clubs are classy, highly rated, and sought after, and are a popular option for many a night out, and are favoured for stag do’s, business meeting or even just a lads night out. Many clubs are considered exclusive, where they have a strict dress code, and a guest list. They sell snacks, drinks and generally have a very nice, laid back chilled atmosphere. So why married men can’t be seen in them? The obvious reason is because there are often women dancing on poles in very little, or no clothing at all – and then of course, that they are free and able to pay said dancers for one on one dances and VIP treatment. That said, the reality is that the dancers are all professional and are paid to do a job. It is a very rare situation that you would find a dancer that would risk her job and abuse her position. It is suggested that men enjoy going to gentleman’s clubs because there is a level of unrealistic fantasy – they realise that the dancers are paid to do what they are doing, but there is always that little wonder that things may go further. Like we said, the truth in the matter is that this will not happen if the girls value their jobs, so it is just that, a fantasy.


There are many different reasons why married men, just like unmarried men might visit lap dancing clubs, assuming they are there for themselves and not part of a stag party, who have chosen this as their favoured establishment for the night – it does not mean that they do not love their respective partner, or are planning to cheat, it may be that after a long day at work this is just what they need in order to relax. Gentleman’s clubs actually have a calming effect on men and they are the perfect location for them to loosen their ties after a long day at work.


This is particularly apparent in times when the man has a stressful job, as well as stressful home environment. It may be that their wife is under a bit of pressure, and this, in turn, is causing a bit of tension at home. Instead of going to a normal pub to unwind, a gentleman’s club is proven to have a calming effect. You are far less likely to witness or be involved with fights and scuffles in a gentleman’s club, since everyone there tends to be in a jovial and slide-home10pleasant mood. They are surrounded by fine wines, good food and beautiful women, which sets the perfect atmosphere for which to relax in. If married men do have some stress in their lives, either inside work or outside, it is the perfect place to escape for a few hours, and cheer up. If they have had a particularly bad day at work, instead of going home and taking this out on their wives, and causing an atmosphere in the house, they can escape and go to a place that makes them happy. You will find that the majority of men in gentleman’s clubs have huge smiles on their faces, regardless of why they are there and how much money they are spending!


Gentleman’s Clubs also allow married men to step into the world of fantasy just for a little while. They can visit these places and have a secret fantasy affair with the dancers. Even though they love and accept their partner for who they are, they still might dream about women who men will class as beautiful, and visit a lap dancing club and being surrounding by dancers who fit this description brings them one step closer to their fantasy. Having this fantasy of engaging with one of the women is something that has crossed most of the men’s minds, but it is in an establishment, where they feel it is acceptable without cheating. More obviously, there is a one hundred percent guarantee that they will see fully nude women there. They do not have to beg, or justify themselves like they may have to at home, particularly if their wives have had a tough day. This does not mean that they are not happy with their wives at home, but if they can visit an establishment and see women’s bodies without having to beg, to them this is a complete bargain!


Of course, there are the more sombre reasons as to why married men may visit table dancing clubs. It can be a sign of an unhappy marriage, which of course, could lead to cheating. It is important for the married man in question to ask themselves why they are visiting these places – is it just innocent entertainment and a place for him to relax, or is it covering up anything more sinister in their relationship. The real reality is that people who have never visited a gentleman’s club have very unrealistic views as to what goes on there. Paranoid wives at home may see this as the perfect opportunity for their partners to cheat, as they are surrounded by naked dancers, but the reality is, most clubs will not allow the punters to touch the dancers. It is certainly not a glorified escort service, and the reality is that they dancers will dance, the men will watch, before returning home to their wives. Because of this view though it does cause problems in relationships as it still done secretly. Men may be worried about how their wives are going to react to the news that they are visiting such an establishment and therefore keep it hidden, when she will eventually find out anyway. It should always be discussed with spouses, so they can voice how it makes them feel. It may be that you can easily clear up some misunderstandings of what goes on there, but discussing it will definitely avoid any further problems arising in the future if they were to find out.


There are many reasons that married men will visit a lap dancing club or a gentleman’s club. The truth of the matter is that, really, only the married man will know his reasons for going. For some, it may be covering something that is going wrong in their relationship; for others, it may simply be a way for them to relax after a long day at work. Despite the fact that the clubs are becoming more socially acceptable, there is still a huge misunderstanding as to what actually goes on in them. Until this changes, and people begin to realise they are not seedy sex clubs, there will always be a certain amount of controversy and speculation about whether married men are doing wrong by their wives by visiting gentleman’s clubs.