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The Basic Do’s and Don’ts When Getting a Lap Dance

The Basic Do’s and Don’ts When Getting a Lap Dance

The Basic Do’s and Don’ts When Getting a Lap Dance

Most adults have been to a strip club – it’s more than just a place to see beautiful people. There’s a certain code of etiquette that must be followed. With times changing, it’s important to know the essentials of what you can and cannot do while you’re in the club.
Today, let’s explore the basic dos and don’ts you should follow when getting a lap dance at a strip club. This should help make the experience better for you and the Dancers.
Here’s what you need to know:

Buy the Dancer a Drink

A common practice at most strip clubs is the Dancer asking if you’d like to buy her a drink. Of course, you should oblige if she’s asking you to buy her a drink. It can be any drink, but the Dancer will appreciate it if you at least buy her a good drink instead of some cheap beer.

Tell Them What You Want

If you’ve decided you want more than a bit of company, talk to your Dancer and tell them what you want. It can be a short dance through to hours of table company. Make your desires known.

Be Respectful

The Dancers are human beings and should be treated as such. The most important thing is always to be respectful. The Dancers need to feel comfortable and relaxed around you. If you’re respectful, they will be too. It’s all about respect.


Get Too Handsy

It’s great to have a blast and have a good time, but you need to know where you can go and where you can’t. As the Dancer is dancing, you cannot touch her. That’s a big no-no.

Don’t be Aggressive

The Dancers are classy women and will appreciate it if you treat them as such. Have a joke, tell a lie, do what you want to have fun. But at no point make a scene or get aggressive, especially not towards the Dancers. If you do, you will be escorted from the premises immediately and possibly banned from any future visits to the venue.

Don’t Get Too Drunk

There’s nothing wrong with having drinks while you’re in the club, but there is a line you shouldn’t cross. If your too drunk not only will you miss out on your lap dance, you’ll be asked to leave the venue. Enjoy your drinks, take them slow and enjoy the amazing company.

The Bottom Line – The Basic Do’s and Don’ts When Getting a Lap Dance

There’s nothing wrong with going to strip clubs and getting lap dances. The Dancers are there to entertain you, but you need to follow a certain code of conduct. Just be respectful and enjoy the show.
If you’re respectful to the Dancers, they will be respectful to you. If you’re still unsure about what you can and cannot do at the strip club, ask a Dancer and check the club’s code of conduct rules which are on every table and at the entrance. They’ll tell you what you can and cannot do.
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