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What to Wear to the Strip Club for Men and Women

What to Wear to the Strip Club for Men and Women

What to Wear to the Strip Club for Men and Women

Hitting a Strip Club soon? You’re probably thinking about what to wear. Remember, what you wear will help you feel more comfortable. At the same time, most strip clubs have a dress code, so you must ensure you wear the right outfit.
The first thing to wear is clothing that conforms to the dress code. You can easily find out online if you have no idea what the dress code is. Many strip clubs have dress codes on their website and social media platforms.
Make sure that you are in a comfortable outfit. The attire should not be very tight, such that it will restrict your movement.

What to Wear to the Strip Club for Men and Women

Dress to impress is the key here, especially since you want to impress the Dancers. The best way to do this is to wear casual business attire—a nice pair of jeans and a shirt with collar.
On the other hand, you can also wear a full business suit, if you really want to look very impressive at the club.

What Not to Wear

There are several clothing pieces you should avoid when you visit the strip club. As mentioned, most strip clubs enforce a strict dress code.
Most strip clubs have a policy where they don’t allow people to wear shorts. The clubs are supposed to be classy, so wearing shorts would probably get you turned away.
Dress shoes are always a better option, even if they’re not proper dress shoes. Trainers and athletic shoes are tacky and won’t impress anyone.
Flip Flops/Sandals
Wearing flip-flops or sandals to the club will likely result in you being turned away. This is because open footwear can be a safety or trip hazard due to the potential for accidental broken glass on the floor.
Ripped/Overly Casual Jeans
Most clubs and bars have a dress code that doesn’t allow ripped jeans or extremely ill-fitting trousers. Even if you think it looks good, the bouncers probably won’t agree. To be safe, wear a nice pair of jeans or smart trousers.
Sports Clothes
Baseball caps, jerseys, hoodies, and the like are all prohibited in most clubs. Sports clothes tend to be a bit casual, so they don’t fit the atmosphere of a club.

What Women Should Wear to the Strip Club for Men and Women

To stay safe, follow the same rules we have listed above. Avoid shorts, flip-flops, gym gear, and baggy, loose-fitting clothing.
Dresses, body-shaping jeans, and figure-flattering tops are all great choices for a typical nightclub.

Have Fun at the Strip Club

Even if you’re not sure what to wear, you should have an idea of what not to wear. Most strip clubs will post their dress codes on their websites, so it would be wise to check it before you head out.
Remember, you want to look classy. But, classy doesn’t mean stiff and uptight. You should still have fun!

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