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Brief History of the London Strip Club

Brief History of the London Strip Club

Brief History of the London Strip Club

There’s no doubting the British love of a good old-fashioned strip club. Cross the pond to any other country, and you’ll find that the quality of lap dancing venues are not quite what they are back home.
So why do we Brits love our strippers so much?
Where did strip clubs come from, and how have they evolved over time?
Here are some weird and wonderful facts about the history of British and London strip clubs.

What is a British Strip Club?

A British strip club is a venue where customers can enjoy adult entertainment such as striptease, table dancing or pole dancing, usually performed by women. Some strip clubs also offer private booths for customers who want more privacy. The minimum age for entry into a strip club in the United Kingdom is 18, and 19 in Scotland, although many clubs now operate an over-21s policy.

Pole Dancing Culture in the UK

Pole dancing is a very popular form of exercise and entertainment in the UK. It has been around for centuries and was originally performed by circus acrobats and dancers. Nude pole dancing began in the 1960s when American-style striptease Dancers began to use poles. The art of pole dancing was popularised in the UK in the 1980s when it became more widespread.
British pole dancers often wear costumes rather than being nude, like many of their American counterparts. Traditionally, pole dancing has been seen as a form of exercise, but it has also become a form of entertainment, especially on TV talent shows. Today, pole dancing is used as a form of exercise in many fitness clubs.

The Rise of the Gentleman’s Club

The history of London strip clubs? It was during the Victorian era that the first British strip clubs were created. Before the advent of the strip club, prostitutes would often sell themselves in public. In order to curb this, the authorities created a network of “Gentlemens clubs”. These were establishments where a man could pay to be in the company of a woman. These clubs were often decorated with images of nude or semi-nude women. However, they were shut down in the 1880s, partly due to concerns over public health but also because middle-class women were starting to campaign for greater rights.

Places to Find Strippers in the UK

There are a few traditional places to find British strip clubs if you’re in the UK and want to watch Dancers get naked. These include:

Gentlemens clubs:

These are the classiest British strip clubs. They often have a themed decoration, with luxurious surroundings and a relaxed vibe where both men and women are very welcome.

Strip bars: 

These are quite similar to Gentlemen’s clubs, but they tend to be less themed and more sleazy.

Conclusion – Brief History of the London Strip Club

The history of British strip clubs?

It’s clear that the British have always loved a bit of adult entertainment. Whether it’s a bit of topless scandal in the newspaper, or a mini-skirted dancer shaking her stuff on stage, there has always been a market for it. Today, the British strip club industry is worth an estimated £5 billion and employs around 82,000 people. With the Gaslight having been established as a Gentlemens Club for over 50 years, our knowledge and experience is assured to give you a great time.
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