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Top Things to Do on a Stag Night in London

Top Things to Do on a Stag Night in London

Stag nights are rituals that are unique to certain cultures and communities. However, it’s now practised by men from all walks of life. Before modern times, stag nights were an opportunity for men to throw away their expectations about love and marriage and have fun instead. The general practice of a stag night continues today, but the activities may differ depending on individual preferences.

Here are some ideas for a great stag night in London!


A stag night is perfect for breaking the boundaries of your comfort zone and trying something completely new. For example, many stag parties will incorporate go-karting into their activities simply because it is good fun and anyone can do it. If you are competitive, you can have a friendly challenge against your friends; if not, it is a way to practice team building and strengthen bonds between the guys.

Pub Crawl on a Stag Night in London

One of the classic stag activities is the pub crawl. This is a great activity to combine with others, such as go-karting, a meal, or even a trip to a strip club if you are on the more raucous stag nights. There are many opportunities for Pub crawls in London; create your own or theme it with things like Pub Golf. Pub crawls are also a great opportunity to explore the city you are in and see some of the more interesting and iconic landmarks it offers or famous pubs.


There are several different ways in which you can enjoy karaoke. Karaoke bars are a great way to do this. You can go to a karaoke bar and order drinks while singing away to your heart’s content. You can also look for karaoke nights at restaurants or hotels to try it out there. If on a budget, consider getting karaoke equipment and hosting a karaoke party at your hotel or one of the groups hotels. Karaoke is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by people of any age and with singing ability, no matter how terrible!

Go to a Strip Club for a Stag Night in London

Stag parties usually revolve around drinking with friends and trying out new activities. A visit to a Strip Club is a must for any stag do and can often be the highlight of the stag weekend. There are several strip clubs in London; choose which one best fits your needs, whether budget or location. Here at the Gaslight, we have several packages and also private hire to cater for groups looking for a great night out. We are centrally located, so close to all the famous clubs and London nights out.


Depending on the time of year, you can enjoy a football match and then enjoy a meal or drink with your friends afterwards. Sometimes a football match can be a great way to kick off (literally) a stag weekend. There are a variety of stadiums throughout London where you can enjoy a football match. You can find out which one has the best deal or who most of the party support and visit the stadium during the football season.

Paintballing on a Stag in London

Stag parties are supposed to be fun, and paintballing is one of the more extreme activities you can do. However, it is a great way to test your skills and see how well you can strategise and work with your team. This activity is very addictive and is a great way to break the monotony of a stag night heavy on drinking and light on actual fun activities. There are many paintball venues in London. Choose the one that best fits your needs and the number of people in your group. Its also a great excuse to shoot the groom! 

Conclusion – Top Things to Do on a Stag Night in London

A stag night is a great way to spend time with your mates outside the usual social circles. It is a great opportunity to try new things and experience something you might not have otherwise. The most important thing is ensuring everyone is having fun and being safe. So you can have a good time without having to go too extreme.

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